Self-service for council tax and parking

  • By London Councils

A feasibility study for developing a joint programme providing key online registration services for new residents was commissioned by Capital Ambition and undertaken by Agilysis in Partnership with three London Borough Councils - Hammersmith & Fulham, Bexley and Wandsworth.

Up to 700,000 people move into and between London Boroughs every year resulting in significant costs for the authorities as they register for services. 

The objective was to explore the opportunities to achieve savings through joint initiatives in the provision of online self-service with the purpose to assess developing a joint programme for more than one local authority

The particular services in scope of the feasibility study were:

  • Council Tax registration
  • Parking Permit registration

There is much evidence to show that new residents account for a significant amount of annual demand for Council Services. With multiple council services that could be implicated by any new household the relationship to demand is not difficult to establish.

The aspirations are to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and convenience through the provision of a single online access route to multiple services
  • Reduce the number of multiple contacts that a new resident would make (avoidable contacts)
  • Increase resident participation in local amenities and democracy
  • Reduce its members’ costs in providing these services in the medium to long term through more automation, less human contact in the process and reduction of front office costs.

This project is now taking forward the recommendations from the attached Feasibility Study.



Project id: CA210
Theme: Connected London
Status: Active
Project manager: Graham Ward
Contact: [email protected]