London Contracts Register (LCR)

  • By London Councils

The London Contracts Register, previously provided by London Councils, has now ended - as of 30 April 2018.

Boroughs comply with transparency requirements via other platforms, either their own websites or others such as the London Tenders Portal or capitalEsourcing.


The London Contracts Register (LCR) is the online contract register for London's local authorities. The website is maintained by BravoSolution on behalf of London Councils for London's local authorities. The site provides details of contracts held by Local Authorities across in Greater London area.

The LCR is a web based on line service, requiring only a browser and internet access to enable local authorities to search, update and maintain their authorities contract data. Contract data can also be easily downloaded into a spreadsheet for what if' queries over and above what is already available from the respective authorities. Suppliers and the general public across London are able to view and browse contracts held by local authority, accessible via the links in the header. It is designed to underpin collaborative working between London public sector organisations and the ongoing development of the shared services agenda.

On this site you can see details of contracts held by most of the Local Authorities in the Greater London Area. You can browse the contracts in four ways, accessible via the links in the header.

  •  Home: The home page shows an interactive map of London, allowing you to filter and download data from each Authority
  •  Contracts: Allows you to search and filter all the contracts on the site
  •  Categories: The Categories page shows the top level ProClass Categories, allowing you to filter and download data from each Authority
  •  Organisations: Takes you to a list of Regional Partnerships and individual Local Authorities who have contracts on this site, allowing you to filter data from each Authority                                                                                                                                                                                                           

With details of London local authority contracts uploaded and available for viewing head to the LCR now to view the publically accessible version of the London Contracts Register

The service is very easy to use and has in-built data standards which support the active exchange of common information across a number of London's local authorities. The LCR supports the local government procurement classification (ProClass) and standard contract definitions.