Virtual ward panel

  • By London Councils

‘Ward Panels’ are meetings where the Police, Local Authority and representatives from a neighbourhood come together to discuss issues of community safety in that area. The aim of Virtual Ward Panels is to be a way for those who do not attend these meetings to have some input into them.

A pilot Virtual Ward Panel is being developed in Westminster, with the support of the Council’s Neighbourhood Crime Reduction Service and the local Safer Neighbourhood Police teams.

The plan is for Westminster’s pilot to be tested by three other London Councils in February 2011, with a complete package ready for pan-London rollout by August 2011. However, the approach being taken has already attracted interest from the Boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, and Lambeth, way ahead of schedule.

The complete package will consist of a targetable, master Virtual Ward Panel Survey; a fully detailed and tested workbook for those who will implement and service the Virtual Ward Panel; and a workshop guide to train those who will manage it.

Benefits to you

The intention is for the Virtual Ward Panel to:

  • enrich the conversations in the Ward Panel meetings
  • provide the Safer Neighbourhood Police teams with community intelligence
  • help the Local Council target issues which are of real concern for their residents and
  • introduce members of the Virtual Ward Panels to what Ward Panels do, and so, perhaps, motivate them to attend the actual meetings.

Project id: CA198
Status: Active
Project lead: James Caplin