NOW CLOSED Invitation to quote: R0516a: Delivery models for skills in London

London Councils has been working with boroughs, sub-regional partnerships and the Greater London Authority (GLA) on developing proposals for devolution and public service reform. These proposals cover a range of policy areas including adult skills.

London government (London Councils and the GLA) are in discussions with the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) about the devolution of the Adult Education Budget (AEB) to the Mayor from 2018/19 onwards.

London government is also providing political leadership in the government’s Area Review process. London is undertaking its area review on a sub-regional basis, but with pan-London strategic oversight. The aim of the area review is to develop and deliver a more resilient, high quality and stable post-16 skills and education landscape in London focused on meeting business and local social and economic needs.

London government is also undertaking a review of Adult and Community Learning (ACL) services and providers across the capital. The purpose of the ACL review is to establish the long term strategic direction of post-19 adult and community learning provision, provide a comprehensive picture of adult education in London and develop recommendations for the commissioning and delivery of ACL provision in London post devolution.

London government views both reviews as important opportunities to change FE infrastructure to deliver better skills and employment outcomes for Londoners and to prepare for a devolved skills system in London.

London Councils is looking for additional support and independent expertise to inform London boroughs’ and Sub-Regional Partnerships’ (SRPs) input into both the area review and the review of Adult and Community Learning (ACL) in London. London Councils, London boroughs and SRPs are working collaboratively with FE colleges, sixth form colleges and ACL providers on both reviews. However, London Councils is seeking some independent and expert advice on how delivery structures in London could change to improve skills and employment outcomes for Londoners. This work would inform boroughs’ input into the area review and ACL review.

Please send your submissions to Dianna Neal ([email protected]; 020 7934 9819) quoting reference number R0516a by 4pm, Friday 27 May 2016.

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Q: Do you have a ballpark figure for the value of the research?

A: London Councils policy is that we don’t identify a ballpark figure within the specification but ask providers to outline what work they think is needed and price accordingly