Tackling Climate Change

Londoners want to tackle climate change. Find out what we are doing to meet that ambition.

Londoners want to tackle climate change and achieve net zero, and the London boroughs are committed to achieving this in a way that works for all Londoners.

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Our work to deliver on this ambition is coordinated through our Climate Unit, which has been tasked with delivering London Councils’ pan-London Climate Programme.

The Climate Programme covers every area London needs to achieve net zero.


Housing accounts for a third of London's carbon emissions. Improving their energy efficiency will not only allow us to reach our net zero targets, but also save Londoners money on energy bills.

Our Climate Programme has set the ambitious target of achieving an average Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) level of ‘B’ for residential properties across the capital by 2030.

Low Carbon Transport

The programme has also set the target of reducing journeys made by petrol and diesel by half - both through the promotion of active travel for short journeys, and by supporting the transition to electric vehicles.

Through this scheme, boroughs have installed thousands of electric vehicle charging points across the capital, with thousands more planned. Working with Transport for London, London Councils is trialling the scope for extending the use of rental e-scooters in the capital.


Another goal of the Climate Programme is to reduce the emissions from everyday consumer goods, by encouraging recycling, repairing products rather than replacing them, and other sustainable practices.

We support boroughs in their work to engage with their communities on recycling, ensuring we have the data to drive intelligent interventions, and leading by example in London local government.

In addition to these three areas, the Climate Programme is also taking forward work to:

  • Increase the number of Londoners employed in the green economy.
  • Ramping up local renewable power.
  • Ensure that all new developments have a minimal carbon footprint. 
  • Develop the resilience London needs to cope with the extreme weather events that come more frequently and severely with climate change. 

Green finance

London Council is a key partner in the Cities Commission for Climate Investment (3Ci) along with Connected Places Catapult, Core Cities UK, Key Cities, Scottish Alliance and other local authorities across the UK, aimed at supporting local authorities in securing the necessary long-term finance for achieving net zero.

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