Securing London’s future

Find out how London local government is working together to secure a fairer and more prosperous future for Londoners.

London plays a pivotal role in the UK economy, but within the capital there are areas of severe deprivation. London local government is working together to secure a fairer future for all Londoners.

Suburban homes and leafy gardens overlooking the distant skyscraper cityscape of London, UK.

Better housing for London

London faces shortages of housing, both in the private and social housing sectors. There is also an urgent need to improve the quality of housing and ensure that all Londoners have access to safe, affordable and sustainable housing.

We are leading a long-term campaign making the economic growth case for greater investment in housing. This is aligned with our work on making the case for more fiscal devolution from central to local government.

We are also working with London Housing Directors to help secure improved standards across all social housing in London. Our Climate Programme is also working to improve the energy efficiency of London’s housing through the retrofitting of older and less energy efficient homes in the capital.

Improved infrastructure

Working with London boroughs and the GLA we have created an agreed infrastructure framework for London that identifies and advances investable projects and programmes that support London’s economic prosperity and an inclusive and sustainable future. We work with partners across the capital to actively promote London’s investment opportunities at national and international investor events.

Asylum seekers and resettlement

The costs of housing and support asylum seekers and refugees falls disproportionately on London boroughs compared to the rest of the country. With no support from central government, this places an unfair and unsustainable strain on boroughs. 

Together with the London boroughs, the Greater London Authority (GLA), the Home Office, and their partners, we delivered the London Asylum Procurement Framework. This ensures asylum seekers’ accommodation is distributed across London in an equitable way and does not cause significant rises in local rents, or undermine borough efforts to tackle rogue landlords.


We believe that local government is a best placed to oversee the apprenticeship levy funding in order the meet the government’s ambitious targets and deliver London’s future workforce. 

That’s why we have developed detailed proposals for how apprenticeship levy devolution to London would work in practice. This includes practical modelling of how funding could be structured to increase the number of apprenticeships and skill-up London for future challenges. 

We also host the annual London Borough Apprenticeship Awards to celebrate apprentices of all ages and at all stages in their careers. 

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