Championing wellbeing

Find out how through collaboration we're improving the health and wellbeing of Londoners.

London boroughs play an important role in the health of their residents and reducing health inequalities. By fostering collaboration we are improving their delivery.

Close up on NHS and London Ambulance Service signage on the side of an ambulance on a street in central London.

Integrated health

We champion London boroughs’ role in the creation of strong and well-integrated local health and care partnerships; supporting boroughs in their work to place local communities at the heart of tackling health inequalities and improving Londoners’ health and wellbeing through social, economic and environmental policies.

We work with sub-regional Integrated Care Boards (ICBs), NHS London and the boroughs to make the case for investment in prevention across all of London’s health and care systems, arguing for accessible local provision of community based, personalised health and care services. 

Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

Through our pan-London grants programme, London Councils enables a wide range of voluntary sector services that provide vital support to victims and survivors of VAWG, including safety and advocacy, safe accommodation and long-term recovery and support.

We work closely with the GLA and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) too tackle VAWG across the capital, including through support for the London VAWG consortium in delivering a range of services to combat VAWG and improve outcomes for victims and survivors.

Accessible Transport

Sustainable and accessible transport options for all Londoners are key to ensuring the capita’s health and wellbeing.

London Councils delivers the Freedom Pass scheme that allows people over the age of 66 and those with disabilities free access on most of London’s extensive public transport network. We also deliver the Taxicard scheme, which provides people with severe disabilities subsidised taxi travel in the capital.

Safer streets

We are actively engaged with the Met Commissioner, the Deputy Mayor for Crime and MOPAC to ensure London boroughs’ asks and offers are embedded into the delivery of the New Met Plan. 

London Councils ensures borough interests are represented in the reorganisation of local policing, co-commissioning of crime prevention services and in the devolution of criminal justice services in London.  London Councils works with the GLA and other strategic partners to prevent and reduce serious youth violence, knife crime, violence against women and girls, and violent extremism in the capital. 

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