Recommencement of enforcement of the London Lorry Control Scheme 1 June 2020

Message to Hauliers

Following the suspension of the London Lorry Control Scheme from 17 March 2020, London Councils would like to advise vehicle operators that enforcement will recommence from Monday 1 June 2020.

For a two-week period (until Monday 15 June 2020) the operators of vehicles that may be in breach of the scheme will receive a Warning Notice only. This will advise recipients that their vehicle was potentially in breach of the scheme and additional enforcement action could have been undertaken. London Councils will take no further action at this time but will advise that continued use of this route without justification may result in future enforcement.

Following the two-week period of issuing Warning Notices, the LLCS will revert to usual enforcement of the scheme from Monday 15 June 2020 under the existing terms and conditions.

The decision to recommence enforcement of the scheme has not been taken lightly. However, we believe that the reasons for the initial suspension have diminished and delivery patterns, whilst changeable, are returning to a more normal phase. Coupled with significant increases in traffic volumes, now is the right time to control HGV movements at sensitive times.

The decision to lift the suspension of enforcement has been supported by London boroughs who indicated that enforcement should restart in June 2020.  

We would reiterate that the scheme does not ban the movement of vehicles and any delivery to any location can be made at any time of the day or night.

We would advise that LLCS officers will be available to discuss any specific issues operators have as a result of COVID-19 and arrange special routing requirements if necessary. Please see the link for contact details.