Automated vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are predicted to be a major game changer in personal mobility over the years to come. Challenges to their widespread adoption include notably issues of safety and responsibility.

MAVEN, combining ITS technologies and autonomous vehicles

Concept: The goal of the project is to manage and test automated vehicles at signalised intersections and corridors, and produce guidance for policy makers and stakeholders.

Local authorities involved: London Borough of Greenwhich (UK)

EU contribution: EUR 3.14 Million (100%)

Timeframe: September 2016 – August 2019

Programme: Horizon 2020

More information on the project’s website

CoEXist, allowing roads to be shared between conventional and autonomous vehicles

Concept: The key idea is to make roads “AV-ready” (automated vehicles ready). For that, tools are developed in order to model traffic with AVs. These models are tested in four European cities.

Local authorities involved: Milton Keynes (UK), Stuttgart (Germany), Gothenburg (Sweden), Helmond (Netherlands)

EU contribution: EUR 3.47 Million (100%)

Timeframe: May 2017 – April 2020

Programme: Horizon 2020

More information on the project’s website

CARTRE (Coordination of Automated Road Transport for Europe)

Smart Mobility Living Labs London - Innovation project co-financed by Innovate UK aiming at allowing London to lead on Connected and Automated Vehicles adoption

UK Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

MERGE Greenwich Project

GATEway Project