About London

London is a city of over 8 million people and is unique in England in having its own elected assembly and mayor. 

  • By London Councils

The mayor is elected for a fixed term of four years and has general power to do anything that will promote economic and social development, and environmental improvement in London.  This includes setting out plans and policies for transport in the city. More information on the Mayor’s policies and proposals in relation to transport can be found in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy 2018.

Three key themes are at the heart of the strategy.

1. Healthy Streets and healthy people

Creating streets and street networks that encourage walking, cycling and public transport use will reduce car dependency and the health problems it creates.

2. A good public transport experience

Public transport is the most efficient way for people to travel over distances that are too long to walk or cycle, and a shift from private car to public transport could dramatically reduce the number of vehicles on London’s streets.

3. New homes and jobs

More people than ever want to live and work in London. Planning the city around walking, cycling and public transport use will unlock growth in new areas and ensure that London grows in a way that benefits everyone.