London Care Services

London Care Services (LCS) is provided by London Councils and overseen by the Association of London Directors of Children’s Services (ALDCS).

LCS is a regional collaborative arrangement for member authorities to commission and procure residential and fostering services for looked-after children. LCS member authorities include 18 London boroughs and one partner authority. The collaborative arrangement is open for local authorities and providers to join at any time.

The key service of LCS is to deliver central management of the Model Contract that member authorities use to make placements. LCS bulk negotiates the contract prices centrally to ensure there is access to good quality and affordable fostering and residential provision for looked after children and young people.

LCS provides a bespoke web portal where member authorities can source services and placements, make placements searches, send referrals, view and download contract documentation (including evidence of insurance and Ofsted ratings), share information across other member authorities on providers and placements, and view training and support material. Providers of residential and fostering provisions wishing to offer their services through LCS web portal, can apply to register or request a temporary access pass, (also available to non-member authorities) to view a demo environment of the live portal and learn more about the work of LCS.

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