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Enfield ESF Borough Employment Programme




We are pleased to launch this 2014-2020 ESF Borough Employment Programme, which is co-financed by Enfield Council and the European Social Fund.

The Enfield Employment Programme will support the borough’s aim to ensure its residents have the right skills to gain employment and that residents are able to access existing and emerging employment opportunities.

Enfield Council is working with London Councils and the European Social Fund to fund a project over 16 months to begin in May 2019. The total funding available is £525,076. The deadline for applications is 12 noon, 29 March 2019.

The focus of this funding opportunity will be to support Enfield residents who are out of work and either long term unemployed or economically inactive. The Build Enfield project will support residents to move towards securing employment opportunities with local businesses, particularly on and around the Meridian Water regeneration area, through relevant support and training. The project will:

  • improve the employability and skills of long term unemployed and economically inactive Enfield residents
  • focus on the skills and roles that local employers identify as a priority and where there is expected to be on-going new and replacement demand, to maximise chances of sustainable employment for participants
  • contribute to building a long-term local talent pipeline
  • support the boroughs new Local Plan for Enfield 2018 to 2036
  • support the Mayor’s Skills for Londoners Strategy for key sectors and occupations, such as construction, digital and the creative industries

How to apply

London Councils has published an Application Prospectus which:

  • provides detailed information on the Enfield ESF Borough Employment Programme requirements
  • explains the scope of the programme
  • provides eligibility guidelines
  • advises on the application process
  • outlines our procedures for making award decisions

All application and guidance documents are available to download from the righthand side of the screen under related documents and include:

  • Application Prospectus
  • Application form
  • London Councils ESF Eligibility Guidance


Queries and FAQ’s 

Should you have any queries and/or require further information on the Enfield ESF Borough Employment Programme, please contact the London Councils Employment and Inclusion Team at [email protected].