Grants scheme case studies

Case studies from the current Grants programmes.

Case studies from the current Grants programmes.

Find out how the London Councils Grants Programme helps some of London’s most vulnerable residents. These case studies are from projects currently funded under the 2022-2026 programme. Some of these case studies contain descriptions of sexual abuse and/or violence which may be distressing to the reader.


HARP Connect, led by St Mungo's

"He has not returned to drug dealing as a source of income and has successfully gained employment as a night operative...."
PDF - 82.01 KB
I had no fixed address and was sofa surfing with some friends...
DOCX - 13.78 KB

STAR Partnership, led by Shelter

I am a transwoman originally from Qatar...
PDF - 94.33 KB
Before I went to Shelter, I had been homeless for 10 years and had lived for 5 years in a hotel...
PDF - 78.47 KB

ASCENT Ending Harmful Practices Partnership, led by Asian Women Resource Centre (AWRC)

My family performed FGM on me when I was age 7. When displaced by war in my home country, my family forced me to marry...
PDF - 103.41 KB

ASCENT Advice and Counselling Project, led by Women and Girls Network (WGN)

"My husband controlled me and I did not have any privacy or independence...."
PDF - 71.81 KB

Healthy London, Healthy Relationships (HLHR), led by Against Violence and Abuse (AVA)

Bespoke Support: A Professional's Perspective
DOCX - 13.67 KB

SignHealth Deaf Domestic Abuse Service, led by SignHealth

She’s also got Power of Attorney even though Matthew is capable of living and managing independently....
DOCX - 13.94 KB
Mavis* is a 28 year old woman who has been underestimated and taken advantage of her entire life
PDF - 59.2 KB
Louise still manages to go work and socializes with friends to get her life back on track
PDF - 77.43 KB

Specialist Refuge Network, led by Ashiana Network

I was scared at first to speak about what happened as I was now being threatened over the phone from my husband and his family...
PDF - 94.61 KB
I was scared my ex would find me. I’d been trying to get away for a long time
DOCX - 13.78 KB

ASCENT Support Services to Organisations, led by Women Resource Centre (WRC)

Because of this self-care training that I received, I decided to stay on and apply the training to myself and to my service users...
PDF - 80.83 KB

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