About our Grants scheme

Find out more about the Grants scheme.

Find out more about the Grants scheme.

London Councils grants scheme was originally set up on abolition of the Greater London Council (GLC). Section 48 of the Local Government Act 1985 enabled London boroughs to fund voluntary action in the capital through a joint scheme which is now provided by London Councils. 

Funding is allocated in rounds: at present, London Councils’ schemes are closed for applications.

Our priorities

The Leaders’ Committee sets the overall funding strategies, policies, and priorities for grants to voluntary organisations. Decisions on individual commissions, funding of applications and programme operation are made by the Grants Committee comprising members of each of the 32 London boroughs and the City of London.

The programme currently has two priorities:

  • Combatting Homelessness
  • Tackling Sexual and Domestic Violence

Working in partnership

London Councils recognises that by working in partnership, organisations can share ideas and best practice, widen the reach of service delivery and gain access to different funding sources. London Councils encourages partnership working as it helps us to ensure services funded by our grants programme are truly delivered pan-London.

Most of our funded projects are delivered via voluntary organisations working together in partnership, where London Councils funds a lead partner which manages the partnership, handles reporting, and is responsible for distributing funds among the delivery partners. Read more about our approach to funding proposals by a partnership of organisations.

Funding principals and priorities

The principles and priorities which guide our funding are:


  • Commissioning services that deliver effectively and can meet the outcomes specified by London Councils, rather than funding organisations.
  • Commissioning services where there is clear evidence of need for services that complement borough and other services to support organisations that deliver services.
  • Commissioning services where it is economical and efficient to deliver services on a London-wide basis or where mobility is key to delivery of a service to secure personal safety.
  • Commissioning services that can not reasonably be delivered locally, at a borough or sub-regional level.
  • Commissioning services that work with statutory and non-statutory partners and contribute to meeting the objectives of the Equality Act 2010.


  • Combatting homelessness.
  • Tackling sexual and domestic violence.

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