2017-2022 grants programme

Find out about our last funding programme.

Find out about our last funding programme.

Under our 2017 to 2022 grants programme over £6 million of funding split annually between 13 different projects tackling homelessness, sexual violence and domestic abuse.

Overview of annual borough delivery

The delivery of borough outcomes by priority area can be downloaded here (PDF). This is the final annual update for the 2017-2022 programme.

Principles and priorities

All 32 London boroughs and the City of London contribute to the grants programme which is run on their behalf by London Councils and aims to meet key areas of need in the capital. The principles and priorities guiding our grants during this programme were as follows:


  • Commissioning services that deliver effectively and can meet the outcomes specified by London Councils, rather than funding organisations.
  • Commissioning services where there is clear evidence of need for services that complement borough and other services to support organisations that deliver services.
  • Commissioning services where it is economical and efficient to deliver services on a London-wide basis or where mobility is key to delivery of a service to secure personal safety.
  • Commissioning services that can not reasonably be delivered locally, at a borough or sub-regional level.
  • Commissioning services that work with statutory and non-statutory partners and contribute to meeting the objectives of the Equality Act 2010.


  1. Combatting Homelessness
  2. Tackling Sexual and Domestic Violence
  3. Priority 3 (completed June 2019)

Open data

As part of its Leadership in the Third Sector work, London Councils’ Grants Committee agreed to publish its grant funding on Grant Nav, a standardised way of publishing grants data facilitated by 360Giving. The 360Giving initiative aims to help UK grant makers (including boroughs) publish their data openly online to an agreed data standard. Publishing our grants in an open format on our own website and through 360Giving, means that it can be shared and compared more easily. For example by using Grant Nav, information on funding amounts, recipients and purpose can be filtered by borough or region. 

London Councils continues to encourage other boroughs to publish their grants information in this format to enable a complete picture of third sector funding in London as possible. It is the intention of the 360Giving initiative that this information will inform grant makers and contribute to more effective grant making; reducing duplication and complement other wider sets of data such as local indices of deprivation, crime and public health. 

This work is licensed under the Open Government License. This means the data is freely accessible to anyone to be used and shared as they wish. The data must be attributed to London Councils.

London Councils’ Grants Programme 2017-2022 open data format

London Councils 360giving data
XLSX - 20.85 KB

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