Freedom Pass Address Review

Have you received a letter asking you to confirm your current address?

The deadline to respond to the Freedom Pass Address Review has now passed. If you received a letter and have not yet responded your Freedom Pass may be cancelled.

What do I do now?

If you are still eligible for the Freedom Pass scheme and your permanent sole or principal address is within a London borough please provide proof of address to:

Freedom Pass Address Review
PO Box 6623
DD11 9AZ
Once your address has been verified a new pass will be posted to you.  Please note that if your pass is stopped and you later provide proof of your eligibility you may be charged £12 to replace it.

Documents needed

We need proof of address documents that must be either the current document or within 3 months or it will not be accepted. The documents must be in your name.

  • Current council tax bill/letter/payment book
  • Current council/housing association rent book/statement/letter/tenancy agreement
  • Current television licence
  • Residential utility bill/letter/online statement printout (excluding mobile phone bills) dated in the last 3 months
  • HM Revenue and Customs letter dated in the last 3 months
  • Department for Work and Pensions letter dated in the last 3 months
  • Occupational pension letter dated in the last 3 months

Please note that we do not accept bank letters/statements or mobile phone bills as proof of address

Why we are doing this

We regularly check that the address details we hold for our Freedom Pass holders are correct and contact people if we think the details are out of date.

To ensure you remain eligible for a Freedom Pass you need to provide proof of your principal address in London.

Frequently asked questions


Only people whose main home is in a London borough are eligible for a Freedom Pass. We check all our passholders’ addresses by comparing them against those held by a data matching agency. If there are any differences we ask you, the passholder, to provide evidence of your current address. The Freedom Pass scheme will cost London boroughs £207.5 million in 2022/23, so we have a duty to ensure that only those people who are eligible for a Freedom Pass have one.

London Councils and the London Borough in which you live will be responsible for your information which they, and their agents, will use to administer the Freedom Pass scheme for customer services and for research. Your information will not be used for marketing and will only be shared with other organisations (e.g. other local authorities, Transport for London, government departments and law enforcement agencies) to provide the services or where it is legal to do so (e.g. to detect and prevent crime and protect public funds). Your information may be matched with data from other sources, including CCTV or ticket usage data.

Our full privacy statement is available on our website:, or you can request a copy by calling 0300 330 1433.