London councils stand ready to welcome over 100 unaccompanied refugee children

  • By Anonymous (not verified)

Over 100 refugee children will settle in London if the Home Office responds positively to an offer from the capital’s local authorities.

Cllr Claire Kober OBE, Chair of London Councils, has today written to the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, to offer help in settling children who are eligible to come to the UK under the Dubs Amendment.

In her letter, Cllr Kober stressed the ‘pressing humanitarian challenge’, and added that London was keen to step up to the plate and play its part in national efforts to respond to the crisis.

She also called on the Home Office to provide appropriate levels of funding and to make rapid improvements to the process for sharing information with councils who take children in.

Cllr Kober said, "I'm proud that councils in London will take in 100 refugee children from Calais, should the Home Secretary respond positively.

“We will work around the clock to give these desperately vulnerable children a safe home and the support they need to rebuild their lives.

“Now we urgently need assurances from government that they will give councils the funding they need to provide the necessary support in London.

“I urge local authorities outside the capital to join us in offering homes to these unaccompanied refugee children who were guaranteed a home in the UK thanks to the work of Lord Dubs."


Councillor Kober's letter to the Home Secretary can be read here (PDF)