'Boroughs have long called for stronger safety regulation' - London Councils responds to government announcement on building safety

  • By JackGraves

London Councils has responded to the government’s update on building safety delivered in the House of Commons this afternoon.

Cllr Darren Rodwell, London Councils’ Executive Member for Housing & Planning, said:

“We welcome the government moving forward with new measures on building safety.

“London boroughs have long called for stronger safety regulation and we’re particularly pleased that the government will call for the remediation of all buildings with category 3 ACM cladding regardless of their height. We also welcome the commitment to consult on lowering the building height threshold for the use of other forms of combustible cladding. We urge the government to take a strong line in restricting the use of such cladding – this is crucial for keeping Londoners safe.

“We still need to see more details, especially on funding. The government has previously made funding available for remediation of buildings over 18 metres, so it would be inequitable and inconsistent if the government does not extend this support.

“Boroughs will continue working with the government to ensure our concerns are addressed and that progress is made without further delay.”