"Too many Londoners have been asked to leave rented accommodation" - statement on 'no-fault' evictions consultation

  • By Gemma Kappala-R...

Government has today launched a consultation on banning 'no-fault' evictions using section 21 notices in the private rented sector.

In response Cllr Darren Rodwell, London Councils’ Executive member for Housing and Planning, said:

“Government proposals to abolish ‘no fault’ section 21 evictions are a welcome move that we have long been calling for. Too many Londoners have been asked by their landlords to leave rented accommodation unnecessarily, fuelling the capital’s homelessness crisis.

“Given that 40% of London families will be living in private rented sector accommodation by 2025, we urgently need to ensure the sector is working effectively.

“As well as ensuring no tenancy ends due to issues that could be resolved, London boroughs want to see a better balance of power between landlords and tenants, streamlined courts processes, more resources for early dispute resolution and mediation and improved legal aid for tenants.”


Notes to editors:

  • Tenancies ended by landlords were the biggest cause of homelessness acceptances in England in 2017, accounting for 28 per cent (16,320) of all local authority homelessness acceptances.
  • Around 1 in 10 tenancies which come to an end do so as a landlord has terminated them, typically through a no-fault eviction. 62 per cent of all ‘no fault’ eviction notices are issued in the capital.
  • By 2025 in London, almost 40 per cent of households will be private tenants, the same proportion who will be owner occupiers.