London Councils supports new measures to protect the NHS and save Londoners' lives

  • By Gemma Kappala-R...

This year, 7,400 Londoners have died in London’s hospitals from Covid-19.

Despite the efforts of Londoners over past months which succeeded in keeping numbers low, the number of Covid-19 cases in London is now increasing exponentially. The Secretary of State for Health on the basis of public health advice has decided to increase the restrictions in London to Tier 3.

This is going to be very tough for all Londoners, but we support the Secretary of State’s decision as the only available option to stop the spread of the virus in London and protect the NHS and save lives.

It will be particularly tough for people working in the hospitality industry, cultural sector and offices who have worked so hard to make their places Covid-19 safe, and for people struggling on low incomes. We will work together with our residents, businesses and communities to try to mitigate the worst impact of Covid-19, and with the Government to ensure that the maximum support is made available to them.

To help London prevent the spread of the virus and rise to the challenge we are asking Government to:

1. Increase support to people on low income who might have to self-isolate

2. An emergency support package for the hospitality industry and cultural sector

3. Support London local government by significantly increasing mass targeted testing in our communities.

As mass targeted testing is rolled out to Londoners, boroughs will initially have to draw staff away from some services, so residents will notice some services which have returned since lockdown closing or limiting their services again. We ask everyone to bear with us through this period and get tested when this is made available to them.

Londoners have come together throughout the last year to provide each other with support and we will continue to do so. The vaccine is being rolled out by the NHS and there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, we must all continue to support the NHS as it does this vital task by sticking to the rules, not making unnecessary journeys, shopping very safely this Christmas - and by getting ourselves tested and self-isolating, to protect ourselves, families, friends and communities.