Statement on the financial sustainability of schools

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Commenting on the National Audit Office's report on the financial sustainability of school, Cllr Peter John OBE, Deputy Chair of London Councils and Executive member with responsibility for education, said:

“We welcome the National Audit Office’s report that sets out the very real risk that educational standards across the country could plummet as a result of the £3bn budget cuts facing schools between now and 2020.
“London’s schools are currently the best performing in the country at GCSE level and around 80 per cent are rated good or outstanding by Ofsted. A reduction in funding to the capital’s schools would undermine our nation’s most successful education system and fail a generation of  children.
“Schools in London will be hardest hit by these funding reductions as we have a growing pupil population and costs are significantly higher here than in the rest of the country. Headteachers will be forced to make difficult decisions, including increasing class sizes, reducing curriculum choice and cutting down on extra support for all pupils. These changes are likely to have a dramatic impact on school standards.
“Today the government is set to announce the details of its new National Funding Formula, which is likely to result in further sizeable funding cuts to school budgets in London. London Councils feels it is incredibly short-sighted to cut funding to schools in the best performing region given that young people in London need a top quality education in order to compete for jobs and ultimately contribute to the national economy.
“We call on the government to invest more in all schools to ensure that standards can continue to improve across the country.”