London boroughs are ‘fully committed to tackling HIV and making a success of PrEP trial’

  • By JackGraves

London boroughs have restated their commitment to reducing HIV in the capital and supporting the expansion of the PrEP IMPACT Trial.

In a letter responding to recent concerns over the take-up of extra places on the trial,  Cllr Ray Puddifoot, London Councils’ Executive Member for Health & Care, said:

“We are committed to the PrEP trial. Well over half of the trial places released so far have been through London clinics. We are committed to making the further expansion of the trial a success, but the responsible thing to do is to ensure it is delivered in a way which is sustainable, ensures continuity and does not destabilise other critical sexual health services.

“London commissioners are working with clinicians and the PrEP trial team to achieve this. We have already committed to taking on additional trial places as part of the expansion, as well as agreeing to take more places through the new online service operating across the capital We now urge national partners to take up the opportunity of working together to deliver the successful expansion of PrEP in the capital.”

London boroughs play a leading role in tackling HIV. The borough-funded London HIV Prevention Programme has been central to achieving historic improvements in the rate of new diagnoses. The latest official figures have confirmed HIV rates in London are falling, with a  substantial decrease in the past two years.