Car Club Policies

The car club sector could become a more important mode of sustainable transport in London. By encouraging a reduction in private car ownership and an overall mode shift away from car travel, car clubs have the potential to help London boroughs make better use of the existing road network.

Given the importance of evidence-based policy development, London Councils values close collaboration between the car club sector and London local government and encourages car club operators to share operational insights and relevant data to ensure car club vehicles serve the city’s sustainability goals.

Whilst car clubs tend to operate in the areas of strong public transport access and high levels of active travel, London Councils sees considerable potential in Outer London where private car ownership and potential for mode shift are significantly higher.

London Councils is determined to work with key partners in supporting a responsible growth of the sector and ensure it contributes to the capital’s sustainable transport strategy. For more information click here to access the final report of the Task & Finish Group on Car Clubs.

Cllr Julian Bell, Chair of London Councils’ Transport & Environment Committee, said: 

“Car dependency in the capital means more congestion, more air pollution, more carbon emissions, and more damage to Londoners’ health. Boroughs are determined to make people think twice before using their cars for non-essential journeys and to encourage increased use of active and sustainable transport.

“Car clubs can play an important role in changing behaviour. We’re keen to support car clubs where they help to reduce the total number of vehicles on the road and facilitate use of less-polluting vehicles. However, car clubs don’t work everywhere and need to fit into our overall strategy for greener travel options such as walking, cycling, and public transport.

“Through improving data sharing with each other and closer collaboration, including with TfL and the car club sector, boroughs are developing a coordinated approach that will help achieve this.”