Telling the story of welfare reform

In this section of the site, we'll be providing a range of resources created by policy experts at London Councils covering a range of welfare reform issues. This will include some narrative pieces, in-depth analysis and accessible resources explaining some of the impacts of the reforms.

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  • Universal Credit: progress review inquiry

    This evidence submission is based on the emerging evidence from the four London boroughs to which Universal Credit (UC) full service has already been introduced

  • The impact of freezing LHA rates in London

    Proposals to freeze private renters' housing benefit could drastically affect the affordability of renting in London

  • Disability Benefit Reform

    Plans to reassess disability benefit recipients for a new benefit will have knock-on effects for boroughs

  • Local Welfare Provision - one year on

    Following the abolition of central government operated crisis loans and community care grants in April 2013, local authorities across London have implemented innovative local welfare provision partnerships that provide emergency support in crisis situations.  London boroughs have worked hard to deliver local welfare schemes that target funding at those most in need and move away from the purely financial transaction model inherent in the abolished central government schemes.

  • Tracking Welfare Reform: Universal Credit and Local Support Services

    This extended briefing highlights some outstanding questions relating to implementation of welfare reform in London

  • Tracking Welfare Reform: a London Councils update

    Local Housing Allowance (LHA), the method by which housing benefit rates for most private rented tenants are calculated was reformed in 2011/12 to reduce eligibility.

    The key reforms were:

  • Tracking Welfare Reform: The Impact of Housing Benefit (LHA) Reform in London

    This report is concerned with the impact of reforms to housing benefit in the private rented sector (PRS) that came into force between April 2011 and January 2012, known as Local Housing Allowance (LHA).

  • Employment support for Londoners affected by the benefit cap

    During 2013, the government will set a cap on the total amount of benefits that each household in England can receive

  • Tracking Welfare Reform: The changing role of local authorities

    London Councils is broadly supportive of reforms to the welfare system to make work pay and simplify the UK’s complicated system of benefits, but has been critical of elements of the government’s welfare reform agenda that fail to take into account London-specific factors like higher rents that risk the efficacy of the reforms and increase unfunded costs for London’s local authorities.

  • From Homes for Heroes to today - a brief history of housing in London

    It is unlikely that the assassin Gavrilo Princip had UK housing policy much in mind when he stepped towards the car carrying Archduke Ferdinand of Austria; but the bullet he fired on 28 June 1914 was to have a profound impact on our nation’s housing that is still felt to this day.

  • Local Housing Allowance - detailed briefing

    In the 2010 Emergency Budget, the government announced a number of changes to Local Housing Allowance (LHA). Introduced by the previous government, LHA is the method by which rates of housing benefit paid to most tenants in deregulated private rented sector (PRS) housing are calculated.