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Quadnet - Recover millions of pounds worth of productivity by fixing slow applications



  • By London Councils



Behind most council services is a business computer application, sometimes a slow-running one. When an application runs slowly it impacts negatively on staff efficiency, on compliance, customer service and reputation. Quadnet specialises in fixing the slow-running business applications that continue to plague local government.


The benefits of fixing slow applications

  • Productivity increases – a single department of 150 staff can reclaim productivity each year to the value of £250,000** by improving the speed of a key business system. Replacing the system is unnecessary. Across three more departments the renewed efficiency is worth one million pounds.
  • Compliance with regulations and legislation – when systems run slowly people have a tendency to create non-compliant workarounds, such as placing sensitive data on local hard drives, or reverting to hand-written notes. Fast apps promote compliance.
  • Improved customer service – instead of customers being told to ‘call back later as the system is slow’, a fast, reliable application encourages use of the digital channels that are vital to transforming customer-to-council interactions. You’ll see that staff morale too will rise as application speeds rises.


You are not alone

Senior executives at more than 40 councils have shared with Quadnet exactly where applications are slow, and where fixing them would have positive effects that far outstrip the cost. The stumbling block is often the conversation with IT people. They talk techno-babble when you want to talk business sense. The solution is meaningful KPIs that measure what matters: end-user experience.

Quadnet measurements and reports are for business executives. They show what is slow, how many people are affected and the corporate cost of the slowness, month-on-month, for apps on-premise, outsourced or in the Cloud. We’ve been doing precisely this for local government since 2013.


Ways in which we can support you

  • set worthwhile KPI’s for your IT department or outsourcer
  • assess the impact of a slow application in monetary terms
  • find the root cause of problems and drive fixes
  •  improve the productivity of your end users


Next step

A free feasibility study can capture the exact nature of a perceived problem: why not contact us to to discuss this? Thereafter, Quadnet could;

  1.  assess the speed of a chosen application
  2.  discover the root causes of any slowness
  3.  help you fix any slowness
  4.  maintain new-found application speed

The London Boroughs of Islington, Ealing and Tower Hamlets have all benefited from our innovative approach, which has been rigorously assessed by London Ventures to ensure that it is suitable for public sector implementation.

Visit the Quadnet website


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Contact us

Thomas Man Head of Capital Ambition ([email protected]

Lisa Henry Programme Manager, Capital Ambition ([email protected])


**150 people being paid £20/hr and losing 30 minutes of productivity a day is 150x£10=£1,500 x250 working days a year is worth £375,000. A significant proportion of that productivity can be reclaimed through ongoing optimization of business system performance.