MyCognition: improving the cognitive health of young and elderly residents

  • By London Councils



Cognitive fitness is just as important as physical fitness for our health and wellbeing, but few of us ever pay enough attention to how our cognitive abilities are functioning. The positive effects of monitoring and improving cognitive fitness can be significant for everyone - from improving concentration and recollection to helping individuals make better decisions in life, at school and at work.

MyCognition is a handy app which allows users to measure and assess cognitive fitness. For local authorities, the impact of monitoring cognitive fitness can be significant, enabling more effective service delivery, empowering preventative actions and delivering significant potential cost savings.

Comprising both assessment and training modules, MyCognition has been scientifically developed to improve mental health and develop cognitive functions in its users. Local authorities can acquire and access scientifically researched cognitive assessments and training across the 5 key domains of executive function, working memory, episodic memory, attention, and processing speed.


Founded in Science

Unlike most so-called brain training apps, MyCognition’s assessment is founded in clinically proven science. The assessment has been created by a leading team in neuropsychiatric & cognitive research alongside some of the foremost research institutions such as University of Cambridge, The Royal Free Hospital Children’s School London, and the Amsterdam Academic Medical Center (AMC).


Case Study – Peterborough Council

MyCognition are currently delivering a three-year project with Peterborough council, focussing on improving educational attainment, supporting the unemployed back into work, and helping older residents live independently for longer in their own homes.



  • Provides an invaluable means of assessment for those with social or mental health issues, including the vulnerable, elderly, and people with early onset dementia.
  • Provides an easy-to-use and engaging assessment tool to identify vulnerable residents in need of further interventions and monitoring.
  • Can also be implemented as an active intervention, to improve long-term cognitive functioning, promote mental health, school attainment, and return to work for those long-term unemployed or absent.
  • Accessible from mobile devices, it can help supplement more supervision intensive interventions.


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