Capital finance

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Capital finance relates to expenditure that increases the value of local authority assets and the income that is used for this.  Local authority assets include schools, care homes, waste management facilities and leisure centres.  The subject is therefore linked to a wide variety of policy areas.  The Fair Funding team deals with issues that affect the working of the capital finance system as a whole.  Links to our work in this area can be found below.

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School places and housing investment:

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Investing in London - August 2011

Infrastructure developments have traditionally been largely financed by central government and coordinated by regional development agencies. With the closing of the London Development Agency (LDA)and reduced funding from central government funding for regeneration, London boroughs face increasing difficulty in securing funding to support economic development/regeneration. This report looks at alternative sources of generating the level of investment required.

Capital Crisis - enabling investment in London - January 2010
The focus of this booklet is to highlight the actions London boroughs need central government to take if the capital finance system is to operate more effectively at the local level. London Councils believes that if the government proactively works with us to swiftly advance our recommendations the capital finance system can provide the framework to re-enable the investment the capital's residents and economy need to accelerate London out of recession