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PLACE – a new approach to tackling homelessness

PLACE (Pan-London Accommodation Collaborative Enterprise) is a new approach to tackling homelessness through acquiring modular temporary accommodation.

Homelessness has increased significantly across London since 2010. Through PLACE, London boroughs will use modular housing units to increase the supply of high-quality, temporary accommodation options for people needing a home.

PLACE’s precision-manufactured homes will have the quality of permanent homes, meeting the London Plan’s space standards, and can be moved from one site to another as required.


An innovative collaboration

PLACE is being delivered by London’s boroughs, supported by the Greater London Authority, London Councils and London Ventures. Tower Hamlets is the lead borough for the programme.

This is the first time UK local authorities are joining forces to acquire modular temporary accommodation. The accommodation will be placed on land which is currently under-used and is restricted by long-term development plans (these are known as ‘meanwhile’ sites).

The GLA is providing £11million from its innovation fund to support PLACE’s work and Capital Ambition provided seed funding through the London Ventures programme.


PLACE’s next steps

Established in May 2018, PLACE Ltd is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee and will act as the procurement and ownership organisation for the scheme.

The first modular housing will be on site by 2021. PLACE’s target is to have 200 homes across London.

OJEU Procurement for the Design & Manufacture of the Modular Homes will be launched on the 18th of July. The deadline for submissions of the Expression of Interest Selection Questionnaire is 15th August 2018. The Invitation to Tender can be accessed via located under the contract number PL0001LON.

PLACE held a Procurement Launch Event on the 25th July 2018. You can listen to the event and view the presentation slides & supplementary Q&A pack by accessing the link under our Related Documents section




How do I find out more?

Email: [email protected]