Headline figures

The following information is based on data supplied to the Greater London Authority by the London boroughs up to May 2015. It is not a comprehensive record of conversions undertaken by permitted development rights, but gives a clear picture of the amount of office accommodation in London which has been approved for conversion under the rules.

  • At least 2,639 office to residential prior approval applications have been received by London boroughs between May 2013 and April 2015.
  • Approval has been granted for at least 16,600 new dwellings through office-to-residential permitted development rights since May 2013.
  • Prior approval has been granted for at least 322 fully occupied office spaces across London – around 39 per cent of those approvals granted for which occupancy information is available.
  • Office floor space information is available for 1,232 prior approvals. The floor space lost through these schemes totals 834,000 sq m, or around 675 sq m per scheme.
  • The largest single space to have received approval for conversion is Delta Point in Croydon town centre. If converted, this will see 29,000 sq m of office space converted to 348 residential dwellings.
  • Had this gone through the planning process it alone could have delivered more than 50 new affordable homes on a conservative estimate.
  • At least 12 other schemes of 90 units or more have been granted permission for residential conversion since May 2013, with at least 55,000 sq m of office space being lost through these 12 schemes alone.
  • Eight of these office spaces were partly occupied and two were fully occupied (one comprising 7,500 sq m of office space).
  • Richmond-upon-Thames has seen the highest number of office to residential prior approval applications in London, with prior notification being received for more than 360 conversions.
  • Richmond has been required to grant approval for conversions amounting to around 56,000 sq m of office space.
  • Eleven boroughs have reported at least 10 separate fully occupied office spaces being approved for conversion. Barnet has seen the most of all, with 40 spaces occupied spaces being approved for conversion.