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Part 4 Right to buy, vacant high value asset and high income social tenants

The housing crisis is Londoners’ number one issue and London boroughs have a commitment to building the homes that Londoners need to address it. London Councils recognises the government’s ambitions in this Bill to get more people on to the housing ladder. However, our test of any legislation remains: does it cut the gap between supply and demand?

Right to buy

Homes sold under the Right to Buy provisions should be replaced by properties in the right location and of the right tenure. Boroughs will also need to continue to nominate households from temporary accommodation to avoid maintaining households for longer in this more expensive accommodation.

High value asset sales

London Councils would like to see a list of exemptions to this policy including: sheltered housing; specialist housing; housing set for transfer; and new build properties.  To preserve the potential of estate regeneration, the government must ensure that homes in schemes with long-term potential for significant scale regeneration or increased housing density (including homes in designated housing zone areas), are also excluded from requirements for sale and payment.

High income social tenants (pay to stay)

London Councils believes boroughs should keep the rental uplift from this measure which could help to counter the impact of the 1% rents reduction (in the Welfare Reform and Work Bill). We also believe the government should allow a degree of flexibility for boroughs to set rent levels and income thresholds to reflect local affordability.

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