About the team




Our priorities:

Our health and social care team’s policy work is driven by four core priorities: 

  • ​Create partnerships to keep London's children and young people safe; especially from gangs.
  • Champion and build on borough public health achievements in enhancing health and wellbeing for Londoners and make the case for adequate funding.
  • Act with partners to transform both access and quality of health and care services for Londoners.
  • Campaign for adequate funding and reform of adult social care

We work closely with boroughs and a range of partners. These include:

Our work is currently focused on:   

For further information about the work of London Councils policy work in this area please contact:

[email protected] 
Strategic Lead for Health & Social Care
020 7934 9830

[email protected]  
Policy and Projects Manager  (Adult Social Care/Integration)
020 7934 9809

[email protected]
Policy and Projects Manager (Public Health)
020 7934 9507
Principal Policy and Projects Officer (Public Health)
020 7934 9972
Manager (London Safeguarding Children Board)
Principal Policy and Projects Officer (Children's Services)
020 7934 9714
[email protected]
Policy Support Officer (London Safeguarding Children Board)
020 7934 9683