Public Health Good Practice

Case studies of how London boroughs are tackling public health challenges

  • By London Councils

London Councils, with input from the Association of Directors Public Health (London), made a call for evidence in the autumn of 2013 to identify examples of good practice from London boroughs in tackling public health challenges and protecting the public health of their local populations. 

The purpose of this exercise was to show examples of activity which demonstrate the benefits of commissioning responsibilities for public health coming to local authorities, helping us to communicate how and why councils are best placed to commission and deliver on a range of local public health solutions and interventions.

We received a number of impressive examples of good practice across a very broad range of public health interventions including alcohol, reducing smoking, promoting public health in planning decisions, improving uptake of health-checks and collaborative commissioning amongst others. These can be viewed below:

Camden: Active Spaces

Camden & Islington:  Winter Deaths

Croydon: Alcohol Reduction

Croydon: GP profiles

Cross- borough: Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) Contract Management

Greenwich:  Healthcheck

Haringey: Partnership with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation on Men's Health

Islington:  Alcohol Misuse

Merton:  Firefighters Stop Smoking

Wandsworth: Smokefree Parent Champions