Public health funding

There is a strong economic case for preventative action. To protect the health of future generations, public health services should be appropriately funded.

The Health and Care Act 2012 transferred public health responsibilities to local authorities by way of a ring-fenced grant. 

Local authorities are mandated to support and fund a range of public health activities including Sexual health services, STI testing and treatment and contraception; NHS Health Check programme; health protection; public health advice to NHS Commissioners; the National Child Measurement Programme and mandated Children’s 0-5 services and health visiting.

From 2015 the Government introduced an ongoing programme of public health funding cuts. In 2019/20, the London’s shared of the Public Health Grant had fallen to £630 million, representing a per head funding reduction from £80.75 in 2015 to £68.61 in 2019, a fall of 15% and the biggest regional reduction in England.

Since, the transfer of responsibilities from the NHS to boroughs, we are seeing transformative results emerging around HIV and sexual health, where innovation and borough collaboration is delivering dividends.

London Councils is continuing to lobby the government for an increase in the public health funding in order for boroughs to continue to promote good health outcomes within their communities.