City of London Health and Wellbeing Board

Health and wellbeing boards are a forum where key leaders from the health and care system work together to improve the health and wellbeing of their local population and reduce health inequalities.

Who's on the board?

The members of the board are:


 Revd Dr Martin Raymond Dudley
 [email protected]


  Deputy Chairman

  Deputy Joyce Nash
  [email protected]


Ade Adetosoye, Director of Community and Children’s Services

Jon Averns, Director of Port Health and Public Protection

Penny Bevan, Director of Public Health

Paul Haigh, Chief Operating Officer (City and Hackney CCG)

Helen Isaac, Superintendent Community Policing (City of London Police)

Glyn Kyle, Chair (City of London Healthwatch)

Dr Gary Marlowe, CCG Board GP (City and Hackney CCG)

Simon Murrells

Gareth Moore

Dhruv Patel

Jeremy Simons


Lead support officer

Tizzy Keller
Policy Support Officer
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 7332 3223


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Priorities of the board:

  • Ensure that more people with mental health issues can find effective, joined up help
  • Ensure that more people have jobs and more children grow up with economic resources
  • Confirm that City air is healthier to breathe
  • Be assured that more people in the City are physically active
  • Enable more people to become socially connected and know where to go for help
  • Ensure that more rough sleepers can get health care, including primary care
  • Ensure that the City is a less noisy place
  • Confirm that more people in the City are warm in the winter months
  • Ensure children and young people enjoy good physical and mental health
  • Ensure that fewer City workers live with stress, anxiety or depression
  • Ensure that more City workers have healthy attitudes to alcohol and drinking
  • Ensure that more City workers quit or cut down smoking

(JSNA) is a process that identifies the health and wellbeing needs of City of London's population. The joint health and wellbeing strategy describes the boroughs priorities and how health care and commissioning will take account of this.

Find out about City of London's joint strategic needs assesment

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