Waste and Resources


Key areas of work

LEDNet’s work on waste and resources aims to address London’s biggest waste-related challenges - to reduce consumption-based emissions in London and achieve a circular economy and meet London’s net zero targets. Through our work in 2021/22, we will respond to the changing needs of our environment and communities through:

  • Influencing waste policy, a key objective for LEDNet, focusing on the formulation of a pan-London response to the Resources and Waste Strategy consultations to secure waste and resources-related provisions;
  • Influencing waste services, understanding and planning for the future of waste in London, reflecting on the amount of waste generated, its composition and the actions needed to influence those two constraints; and
  • Sharing knowledge and ensuring that best practice is disseminated and lessons learnt are shared, as it is via this mechanism that London wide service improvements will be accelerated.

Throughout the year, external stakeholders will join the waste and resources sessions to discuss ideas and projects that are deemed to be either or both innovative and transformational.


LEDNet's work on waste and resources is led by Venetia Reid-Baptiste, Director of Environment and Streetscene at LB Lambeth. Other London boroughs represented on the cluster are Enfield, Camden, Hounslow, Lewisham Newham, Redbridge and Havering. 

External organisations on the cluster include London Councils, East London Waste Authority (ELWA), National Association of Waste Disposal Officers (NAWDO) and the Association of London Cleansing Officers (ALCO). The cluster meets eight times/year.

Projects and publications

Recent work on waste and resources includes:

Engaging with the cluster

Please contact the LEDNet team if you have queries relating to LEDNet’s work on waste and resources or are interested in presenting at a meeting.