Finance and Investment

Initial work areas:

One of the biggest issues facing local government in London is how to finance the climate action at the scale and pace required to deliver net zero targets and adapt to London’s rapidly changing climate. The Finance and Investment priority aims to support London boroughs to tackle this challenge. Our intial work to adress this will be focused on the following areas:

  1. Supporting 3Ci, contributing to the smooth flow of information to and from LEDNet members around this work and helping it unlock strong outcomes for financing London’s climate action.
  2. Engaging with wider initiatives on green financing from the GLA and other London Boroughs, and share learning and opportunities (e.g. green community bonds).
  3. Supporting collective and collaborative thinking about how the climate programme action plans are resourced, and contribute to making a joined-up strategic case to potential funders and investors.
  4. Engaging with London Councils’ work on costing London Borough Climate Action Plans and identifying how these will be resourced, to ensure learning is shared and we are collectively supporting each other with this shared challenge.
  5. Supporting the Green Economy climate programme’s strand on green finance and investment, ensuring that LEDNet and other borough networks are collectively supporting and inputting into this key thinking for London.
  6. Contributing to advocacy work on green finance and climate funding, including via the BEIS Local Government Net Zero Forum.
  7. Undertaking monitoring, advocacy and engagement on funding for environmental service delivery and related changes to local government funding and resourcing (e.g. the financial implications of waste reforms).



LEDNet's work on finance and investment is led by LB Hounslow and attended by pan London representatives.  

External organisations supporting this priority include London Councils, 3CI and the Greater London Authority (GLA). 

Engaging with the priority

Please contact the LEDNet team if you have queries relating to LEDNet’s work on finance and investment or are interested in presenting at a meeting.