LEDNet Policy Positions

TEC-LEDNet Joint Statement on Air Quality and Waste and Resources

In February 2019, London Councils' Transport and Environment Committee (TEC) and London Environment Directors' Network (LEDNet) met for the first time to discuss issues surrounding air quality and waste and resources. They agreed a series of priorities around these issues, and agreed to work with other London partners to deliver them, in order to make London a global sustainability leader.

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TEC-LEDNet Joint Statement on Climate Change

Following the successful meeting between TEC and LEDNet in February 2019, there was a second meeting arranged to discuss issues around climate change, after majority of London boroughs declared a climate emergency. The meeting acknowledged the need to act on climate change and set out an ambitious set of joint programmes that will support boroughs to deliver their targets; the statement also set out principles around the issues of governance, resourcing and citizen engagement.

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LEDNet and ADPH London Joint Position Statement on Air Quality

LEDNet and the Association of Directors of Public Health London (ADPH London) published a joint position statement on London's poor air quality in September 2019 to set out how we should respond to this challenge, based on our expertise and the available evidence. Since the statement was published, we have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic and are living in the new norm, and therefore must look at sustaining behaviours that contributed to the positive changes to air quality where possible, and address the health inequalities that have been observed. LEDNet and ADPH London have revised the joint position statement following the first wave of the pandemic. 

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LEDNet Position Paper on London's Resources and Waste System

In June 2018, LEDNet produced a position paper on London's resources and waste system and have suggested that London's approach should prioritise reducing the volume of waste produced and move towards a more circular economy. To do this, LEDNet's position sets out the role of national government, the Greater London Authority (GLA), businesses and boroughs in transforming the resources and waste system.

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Climate Coalition Asks for Government

A coalition of LEDNet and other local government, environmental and research organisations have collaborated to set out a blueprint for how the government can accelerate climate action and a green recovery from coronavirus at a local level. To do this, the coalition has set out five recommendations for an immediate, joint response to coronavirus that will help catalyse the longer term solutions to the climate and ecological crises local authorities face.

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