Health and Environment


Key areas of work

LEDNet’s health and environment priorities initial work areas focus on:
  • Continue our joint leadership with ADPHL, the GLA and others to support improved air quality, associated health protection/messaging, and joint advocacy.
  • Support strategic work on greening cities, nature connection and healthy placemaking e.g. through collaboration with the GLA and London Green Infrastructure Partnership on upcoming changes to green infrastructure and local nature recovery network planning (noting links to future places/planning reforms and to flooding and adaptation priorities).
  • Share and scale work to improve health and wellbeing through environmental and leisure initiatives (e.g. through partnerships with Parks for London as the Greenspace Centre for Excellence).
  • Explore other areas of collaboration with ADPH London, the ICS network and other London health groupings on other themes around environmental determinants of health, environmental justice and tackling health inequalities. Identify opportunities for joint working, sharing and learning.


LEDNet's work on health and environment is supported by Yogita Popat, Carig Miller (LB Barnet) and Chris Whyte (LB Brent)


Engaging with the priority

Please contact the LEDNet team if you have queries relating to LEDNet’s work on health and environment or are interested in presenting at a meeting.