Future Places


Key areas of work

Under this priority we will look at tackling some of London’s defining environmental challenges, including the climate emergency and toxic air quality, whilst levelling up, creating jobs, developing skills and supporting a just transition to a low carbon circular economy. 

Initial work areas:

  1. Dovetail with the Climate Programmes (particularly Retrofit London, Low Carbon Development, Renewable Power for London and One World Living) to support their work and help knit together the overall implications of their work for placemaking.

  2. Deliver related, additional innovation work to support place-based innovation across multiple boroughs (e.g. the outcomes from the LOTI-LEDNet design sprint, and/or the potential multi-borough behaviour change pilot).

  3. Support, share and scale learning from single-borough pilots on Net Zero Neighbourhoods (noting the link to 3Ci).

  4. Consider people and communities in responding to climate and environmental challenges (e.g. through work on behaviour change, equalities and community engagement).

  5. Link into work on future waste management and planning e.g. waste reforms, planning policy framework, etc.

Engaging with the priority

Please contact the LEDNet team if you have queries relating to LEDNet’s work on Future Places or are interested in presenting at a meeting.