Small Business Friendly Borough Awards 2019

The winners of this year's Small Business Friendly Borough Awards have been announced.


The Awards are jointly run by the Greater London Federation of Small Businesses and London Councils.


Best All Round Small Business Friendly Borough 

This year London Borough of Croydon was crowned the Best All Round Small Business Friendly Borough for successfully implementing wide-ranging policies to support and develop its local micro and small business community – which make up 93% of Croydon’s businesses.

These businesses have been supported by a number of council programmes following Croydon’s business-led Small Business Commission in 2017, which improved an already innovative business environment.

These have included the 2018 Croydon Means Business programme, which held 175 events and workshops with over 4,500 business delegates in attendance, Croydon Works, a free job brokerage that has placed more than 600 residents into work since September 2017 and the Croydon Enterprise Loan Fund, which gives local business access to finance.


Best Small Business Friendly Procurement to Support Local Trade

London Borough of Haringey, for Best Small Business Friendly Procurement to Support Local Trade. The Haringey Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is a procurement initiative which proactively supports local businesses to secure council contracts and other trade opportunities. In 2018/19, the DPS helped Haringey businesses to win £24.5 million worth of contracts. Haringey's strategy enables local businesses to increase trade and supply chain opportunities, increase revenue and profitability, and expand and generate new jobs for the local economy and residents.


Best Programme to Reduce Impact of Crime on Small Businesses

London Borough of Lewisham won the inaugural award for Best Programme to Reduce Impact of Crime on Small Businesses. This new category celebrates efforts by boroughs to prevent and tackle crime affecting micro and small businesses. Lewisham was recognised for Safer Lewisham Business Crime Reduction Partnership (@SaferLewisham), a membership scheme of 120 businesses working with the police, council, and other interested stakeholders to reduce crime, violence, anti-social behaviour, and other crimes that affect the profitability of businesses. The partnership acts as a business reprentative body as well as a link to the different authorities, and allows the sharing of real time information via a state of the art digital radio network.

Royal Borough of Greenwich was highly commended in this new category for its efforts to reduce the impact of crime on small businesses in Woolwich Town Centre. The Council’s programme has focused on Woolwich town centre. In an effort to address anti-social behaviour linked to street drinking, the borough has encouraged off-licenses to stop selling beers, lager or cider with an ABV higher than 6.5%. At present there are 110 businesses signed up to the scheme, which has made has led to a 10% drop in alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour in Woolwich since the campaign launch.


Best Programme of Support for Small Business

London Borough of Hackney for Best Programme of Support for Small Business. The Hackney Business Network provides a wide ranging, successful programme of support for SMEs in the borough, with accessible and clear routes to business support information. These include its website, and its twitter account, @hackneybusiness. Hackney also has five area specific business forums that take place three times a year, where businesses can network and meet face to-face, share area information and initiatives and present their services to peers. Its monthly newsletter shares information about business news, events, funding, support and training opportunities, and an approved workspace provider list that is assessed and compiled by Hackney Council.


Cllr Jas Athwal, London Councils’ Executive member for Crime and Public Protection, said:

“Small businesses play a vital role in our economy but are held back from reaching their full potential due to criminal and anti-social behaviour. I am pleased to see the creation of a new category, Best Programme to Reduce Impact of Crime on Small Businesses, to highlight solutions to this deeply concerning problem.

“London boroughs are serious about the role we play in reducing crime and violence, and these awards will help share good practice. In bringing together community partners, we can ensure that this complex challenge is tackled with the urgency and teamwork it demands to protect our local businesses and makes our communities safer.”

Michael Lassman, London Regional Chair, FSB stated:

“We are delighted to celebrate the efforts of the London Boroughs at these seminal awards.  Since the May 2018 elections we have met with around 30 Boroughs to discuss their support for the self-employed, micro and small businesses in their Boroughs.  These awards compliment the partnership work we are looking to undertake with Boroughs – and are keen to see Boroughs sharing best practice in the key areas of procurement, reducing business crime and supporting local trade in the coming months and years ahead.”



Shortlisted boroughs

Best All Round Small Business Friendly Borough 

Brent, Harrow, Southwark, Waltham Forest

Best Small Business Friendly Procurement to Support Local Trade

Croydon, Hammersmith and Fulham

Best Programme to reduce impact of crime on small business

Barnet, Croydon

Best Programme of support for small business

Islington, Lambeth