Haringey: Jobs for Haringey

  • By London Councils

A local employment scheme set up by Haringey has turned the tide on long-term unemployment among residents.

Jobs for Haringey is a commissioned support programme delivered by the public and voluntary sector for unemployed and economically inactive residents not eligible for help under the Work Programme.

The project gives residents a single point of access – such as a community centre, a council building or an officer on a housing estate – where they can get information and guidance. Dedicated council officers help each resident develop an action plan to find to long-lasting employment, with skills development, work trials and placements set up to help them gain experience.

Advisors also meet jobseekers for an hour every fortnight to keep track of their progress and help motivate them to keep trying rather than impose punitive measures.

This direct intervention has been an outstanding success, with more than 500 people finding work through the scheme so far. Between June 2012 to December 2013, 27.6 per cent of people on Jobs for Haringey who had been unemployed for at least six months found sustained work. In contrast, just 14.8 per cent of people on the government-led Work Programme in the same area up to September last year.

The figures are backed by enthusiastic support for the council’s approach among residents who have found work through the Jobs for Haringey scheme.

Daniel Pales, aged 34, had been on the Work Programme without success before a council officer referred him onto the council’s scheme in November last year.

He said: “I had been on the Jobs for Haringey scheme for around a month before I was fortunate enough to start work at Ikea.

“I am very grateful to have been given the chance to join this scheme and am very thankful to all the staff and my advisor for the work they have put in to help me so far.”