High streets - our position

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Local government is central to developing high streets and town centres that are fit for purpose and future proof for the 21st century. Boroughs not only regulate high streets, by enforcing policies and maintaining safe trading environments, they are increasingly becoming curators of the high street – organising events, facilitating networks and developing business capacity.

Through our work we will aim to ensure that the government acknowledges that borough action is essential to the success of London’s high streets and town centres. We work to gain the autonomy, powers and resources London Boroughs need to make high streets and town centres in London vibrant economic, community, social and cultural hubs.

Our work includes:

  • lobbying government to position boroughs as leaders in shaping high streets and town centres
  • ensuring government policy supports local government leadership role around planning
  • ensuring any funding streams support boroughs to deliver their vision for local high streets and town centres
  • responding to the GLA’s and government policy proposals and evidence gathering
  • working with boroughs to establish and promote new models and ideas to improve high streets and town centres to government and other stakeholders.

Watch our three minute briefing on the changing face of London's high streets