2012 Legacy

  • By admin

By any definition, the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games showed our city at its best – and every London borough council had a part to play in that success. 

Councils across London played a key role in engaging people with the Games and organising the torch relay. In London, while the Games kept the nation enthralled, our councils were ensuring the city was running smoothly.

For London boroughs, making sure that local services could operate effectively in Games time was a top priority, as well as each doing our bit to showcase London to the world, as a city of which we can all be proud. This took a great deal of planning and, for many of us, our legacy plans have also been years in the making.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games were a fantastic catalyst for improvements across all areas of life in London and while the city has already gained a great deal in terms a tangible legacy from the Games, particularly in east London, we will need to keep working to ensure that the long-term legacy is secured for the city for many years to come. This includes securing a long-term future for Olympic venues.

Legacy will mean something different to each borough – for some it’s about jobs and infrastructure, for others the legacy will be about sports or culture. Londoners have been inspired by what they witnessed during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It is our job to make sure that enthusiasm is not lost.

London Councils will continue to work with boroughs to ensure that potential opportunities are maximised and the benefits of hosting the 2012 Games are spread across all of London.