Victim's Bill

London Councils responded to the Ministry of Justice's Consultation on the proposed Victims' Bill, "Delivering Justice for Victims" on 3rd February 2022. The proposed Victims’ Bill seeks to improve victims’ experiences of the criminal justice system. The provisions in the bill will affect all victims of crime, but it is anticipated those most affected will be victims of serious crime, including Violence Against Women and Girls and Domestic Abuse.

The key areas covered in the consultation were:

  • Enshrining the Victims’ Code in law and expanding provisions of the code where necessary.
  • Improving communication with victims of crime and ensuring their voices are heard in the criminal justice process.
  • Improving oversight, performance and quality.
  • Delivery of victim support through community-based services.
  • Increasing the Victims’ Surcharge
  • Improving advocacy support for victims of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence and other serious violence, and improving advocacy for children and young people.

In its response, London Councils has called for sustainable, long term funding to support victims and survivors and domestic abuse and sexual violence. It has also called for investment in support for the most vulnerable victims of crime, including those experiencing multiple disadvantage and victims with no recourse to public funds. Read the London Councils consultation response here.