Pan-London framework: Local action plans

Guides or frameworks made available to boroughs

Community Safety Partnerships in London have been developing Violence and Vulnerability Action Plans since 2019. Using a single action plan template allows for consistency and a range of actions that support a public health approach. It also enables each CSP to tailor its violence reduction work to the local violence profile, needs of communities and local service best practice. The MPS, VRU and London Councils established a joint review panel to go through each plan and provide formal feedback to each CSP.

To continue to share learning and promising practise from the plans, London Councils hosts Partnership Learning Sessions for London local authority officers and partner agencies, with focus on a different theme each time. Established by London Councils and the boroughs in 2018, to date (May 2022) there have been ten Partnership Learning Sessions, five of which have been co-hosted with the VRU.