Climate change

Achieving net zero through local government collaboration

The 32 boroughs and the City of London are committed to achieving net zero through collaboration between the boroughs and with the GLA and Central Government. Our ambition is to achieve net zero in the fastest possible time and with the greatest benefit to all Londoners.

We act as a trusted partner with our diverse communities, the voluntary sector, our businesses, seeking to achieve net zero, and with investors who support our climate programme.

The London boroughs are committed to working positively with all our partners to deliver net zero – in our communities, across London and as part of team UK. Londoners have told us they want to tackle climate change and achieve net zero and the London boroughs are committed to engaging with our diverse communities to design and deliver a future that works for all Londoners.

London Councils' climate programme

In November 2019, London Environment Directors' Network (LEDNet) and the Transport and Environment Committee (TEC) came together to discuss key climate change issues facing boroughs and how they could work together to address them. The result was an ambitious Joint Statement on Climate Change that sets out our climate programme, which spans seven themes for cross-borough collaboration.  

The themes have TEC-endorsed lead boroughs, each responsible for overseeing the implementation of an action plan. Many of the themes have a Knowledge Partner - a London university helping their work.

Our climate programme covers every area London needs to achieve net zero, which includes:

  • Retrofitting our buildings to make them cheaper to heat and reduce their impact on the environment;
  • Increasing the number of Londoners employed in the green economy;
  • Ramping up local renewable power;
  • Ensuring that all new developments have a minimal carbon footprint;
  • Advancing low carbon transport;
  • Working with residents and businesses to reduce their consumption-based emissions;
  • Developing the resilience London needs to cope with the extreme weather events that come more frequently and severely with climate change.

We are launching the next phase of our climate programme to scale up delivery and ensure that London's boroughs' collaboration on net zero and adaptation moves from strength to strength.

Find out more about our priorities over the next two years as we enter delivery phase.

Retrofitting all domestic and non-domestic buildings to an average level of EPC B.

Lead boroughs: Enfield and Waltham Forest 

Find out more here.

Retrofit London Action Plan

Secure low carbon buildings and infrastructure via borough planning.

Lead borough: Hackney 

Low Carbon Development Action Plan

Halve road journeys made by petrol and diesel via combined measures that can restrict polluting journeys and incentivise sustainable and active travel options.

Lead boroughs: Kingston and City of Westminster 

Low Carbon Transport Action Plan

Secure 100% renewable energy for London’s public sector now and in the future.

Lead borough: Islington 

Renewable Power for London Action Plan

Reduce consumption emissions by two thirds, focusing on food, textiles, electricals and plastics.

Lead borough: Harrow 

One World Living Action Plan

The programme has produced information and support for London boroughs on the four material themes: Electricalsfood, plastics and textiles (PDFs, June 2022).

Develop London's low carbon sector and green our broader economy.

Lead borough: Hounslow 

Building the Green Economy Action Plan

Lead borough: Southwark 

Resilient and Green Action Plan