London Safeguarding Children Partnership

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The London Safeguarding Children Partnership seeks to enhance the safety and wellbeing of children in London by:

  • Supporting organisations working with children in London to meet their statutory responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children .
  • Supporting London’s Local Safeguarding Children Partnership to meet their statutory obligations to:
    • Coordinate the work to safeguarding children
    • Promote the welfare of children, and
    • ​Make sure this work is effective in improving outcomes for children.

If you are concerned that a child may be at risk of harm, please contact your local children’s social care team.

For more information about the work of the London Partnership, please contact the London Safeguarding Children Partnership.  Contact details can be found below.

London Safeguarding Children Partnership
59½ Southwark Street,
London SE1 0AL, Map

Nilam Taheem – Policy Support Officer
Tel: 020 7934 9683

Visit the London Safeguarding Children Partnership website