Sector-Led Improvement is overseen by ALDCS, which act as a Regional Improvement Alliance (RIA) covering the 33 London Authorities. The aims are:​

  • Securing a journey of continuous improvement to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people.

  • Building on existing capability in children’s services, corporately and with partners to identify good practice, diagnose improvement challenges and identify risks to performance.

  • Systematically sharing knowledge about what works across the sector and ensuring that there is effective brokerage of best practice solutions.

For the 2018/19 SLI cycle, London has been divided into four sub-regions, North, West, East and South, each of which have developed improvement priorities, which have been shared across London.

There are significant problems in recruiting and retaining Children’s Social Care staff across London. All four London sub-regions have raised this as a key priority area for improvement. This challenge is particularly evident across qualified social work roles dealing with managing risk in the community – across MASH, Child Protection and Children in Need work. Retention of staff is also problematic, with increasing numbers of qualified social workers leaving the profession. Although this is a problem experienced across the country, it is more severe in specific regions, and London is one of these.

Led by Rachael Wardell - Director of Children Services at LB Merton