London adoption and permanency board

The London Adoption and Permanency Board takes on regional responsibility for improving adoption services across London

Purpose of the Board

The work of the Board will create more opportunities for children within the region to have timely access to secure permanent homes and provide children with the best possible chances in life where adoption has been decided to be in the best interests of the child. 

Why is the Board needed?

The London Adoption & Permanency Board has been developed in response to the formation of the national ‘Adoption Leadership Board’ and brings together the London Local Authorities, the Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA), and consults key stakeholders in education and health to promote a regional approach to adoption and to drive forward the improvement of adoption services throughout London.

The London Adoption and Permanency Board also steers the work of the London Adoption Consortiums (through the Fostering and Adoption Network meetings) who are responsible for driving forward improvements in operational service delivery.

The London Adoption and Permanency Board reports directly into the national Adoption Leadership Board (ALB) and will support the national board in delivering against its overarching aim of driving forward significant improvements in the performance of the adoption system in England.

  • Provide an overarching partnership to ensure that the adoption agenda within London is prioritised;
  • Develop a strategic approach to adoption across London to benefit the maximum number of children in achieving the best outcomes through adoption;
  • Ensure that children for whom adoption is the best way of achieving permanence are adopted without unnecessary delay;
  • Ensure there are enough prospective adopters to provide homes for all the children approved to be adopted;
  • Ensure that adoptions do not breakdown through the right adoption support being readily available to all people who need it, when they need it;
  • Share information to ensure open and transparent ways of working fully utilising the ALB business intelligence suite to strategically plan and target resources;
  • Oversee a 100% response rate on the ‘Quarterly Adoption Data Returns’ requested by the ALB;
  • Match adopter recruitment levels to the needs of children;
  • Disseminate good practice, learning and research to all London stakeholders;
  • Aspire to lead nationally on good practice;
  • Work collaboratively with other regional adoption boards to promote good practice and share learning;
  • Challenge barriers to adoption services and find solutions; and
  • Look for opportunities to maximise the most effective adoption services and understand the market offer for London. 

Membership will comprises of the following:

West London Consortium

North London Consortium

North East Consortium

South London Consortium

South East Consortium

South West Consortium

London Family Justice Board

Adoption Leadership Board Sponsor

London Councils

Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA)


The London Adoption and Permanency Board meets every six weeks. The terms of reference will be reviewed annually as will the membership and Chair of the Board.

The London Adoption and Permanency Board is accountable to the Association of London Directors of Children’s Services (ALDCS). ALDCS will represent the Board at the London Councils ‘Sector Led Improvement Steering Group’. The London Adoption Board will also report directly into the national Adoption Leadership Board through the ‘regional sponsor’.