Careers and vocational education

Parents were also asked for their opinions on how well the education system prepares children for the world of work after the age of 18. Half of parents reported that they do not feel confident their child will receive a meaningful experience of the world of work by this age, and 44 per cent are not confident that their child will receive appropriate careers advice.

Half of parents do not themselves feel well informed about London’s labour market in the context of supporting their child in making good career choices. The research revealed a general perception that schools are providing an appropriate level of knowledge in Literacy, Maths, Science, Digital Skills, Humanities. Nevertheless, a fifth of parents (19 per cent) are not confident that their child’s school is providing a level of knowledge in Digital Skills appropriate to their child.

Parents were also asked for their thoughts about technical qualifications. 43 per cent of parents would prefer that their children took A Levels rather than vocational qualifications, while only 4 per cent indicated the opposite preference.

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